Want to lease your property with us?

Wanting to lease your property with us?

Good tenants are highly prized and AgentX Real Estate property management agents are skilled at screening tenancy applications. We want to ensure that our property owners get the calibre of renters they deserve and we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of the tenancy.

That’s why we utilise a 6 step screening process on each and every rental applicant.

  • we screen all applicants through the national tenancy databases
  • we contact former and current landlords for verbal references
  • we do a verification of the applicants employment and income
  • we speak to the applicants employer directly as a character reference
  • we obtain 100 points of identification from each applicant
  • we do a thorough check of personal references for each applicant.

Once we have made the necessary checks and believe the application is ready to present to you, we will contact you for a decision. You will always have the final say about who rents your property. We won’t recommend to you anyone that we don’t believe is going to be a good tenant who looks after your property to our world class standard. 
We will treat your property as we would treat our very own.

Professional Marketing

We believe that in order to effectively market a property a professional approach, similar to a sales marketing campaign, should be employed to attract the best and most suitable tenants.

All our advertisements for rental properties are marketed to a world class standard by having lots of photos and creative scripts outlining the property, all its features and the advantages of the properties location. To view our professional marketing, please feel free to browse through our current rental listings under the ‘renting’ heading on this website.

Letting Services

  • Provide marketing/advertising recommendations
  • Recommend ways to maximise the property’s appeal to prospective tenants
  • Arrange preparation/display of “For Lease” boards/ advertising, including website(s)
  • Promote property to agent’s database for prospective tenants
  • Provide regular reports on prospective tenant interest
  • Conduct property inspections with prospective tenants
  • Check prospective tenant applications, incl. tenant database checks
  • Submit tenant offers and recommendations
  • Prepare property condition reports at start of lease
  • Take pictures of property and include with the condition report
  • Prepare lease and arrange signing by landlord/agent and tenant 

Property Management Services:

– Monitor, collect and account for rent
– Lodge bond/claim with RTB Authority at beginning/end of tenancy
– Arrange (if approved by owner) for appropriate contractor(s) to carry out inspection of plumbing, electrical, gas fixtures and fittings
– Arrange for an appropriate contractor to carry out periodic smoke alarm inspections
– Arrange property maintenance, repairs, renovations incl. engagement of contractors
– Notify of  breaches involving non-payment of rent/significant property damage/accidents
– Prepare and serve Residential Tenancies Act notices
– Representation at VCAT hearings, incl. necessary preparation work
– Engagement (as client’s agent) of professional/ property services providers and tradespeople
– Monitor lease expiries and advise current rental trends
– Conduct rent reviews and report
– Liaise with tenants to arrange prospective tenant inspections
– Conduct final inspections at lease end including condition report and report to client

Property Management accounting services:

– Prepare monthly statement of rent collected and outgoings paid
– Payment of trades/contractors/professional invoices, if requested
– Prepare end of financial year reports

We would be thrilled to be your trusted managing agent of choice, we know you will be very impressed with our levels of service in helping you secure your next tenancy & manage your investment property.
Please feel free to get in contact with us for any further questions that you may have. We will be happy to answer any that you have.

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